awkward drunk selfie ???

09/20/14  (+3)  

taylor swift is a little rich girl dating beautiful men and you are laughing at her


i can almost guarantee she doesn’t give a shit what u think

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i have two best friends. lewis, who is away in the navy. jack, who moved 500 miles away today :( lewis just rang me and said he’s on his way home for the weekend to cheer me up! if you think your friends are better tyhan mine you’re so wrong


Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

The Aristocats (1970)

thank u guys for not unfollowing me during this sucky hiatus

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MAKE ME CHOOSE: Robert Petrie or Bert

asked by Anonymous

wassup y’all

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hi guys! yesterday i’ve reached the milestone of one thousand followers (it’s 1010 as we speak), and i couldn’t be more happy with all of you guys! thank you so much for appreciating me and my blog, for liking and reblogging my stupid edits and text posts and, well, for everything. so in return i wanted to do a follow forever! the last one i did was a couple of months ago, when i reached 500 followers. so, i hope you guys check out these blogs, because they’re all hella rad! and i really did my best to include everyone!

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the irl friendsies

eve - lisa - sharon - timon - maaike - suzanne

the tumblr friendsies

lys - jen - maddie - lara - eva - zoe - rae - jenny - pat - katie


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